Childless Couples

Childless Couples

Having children is a bliss and blessing. It’s the dream of every married couple to have children. Women crave for motherhood. Women marry for the sake of having children. Couple feels very delighted to see their child first time. The whole family is very happy to see their grandchildren and having a new member in family.

Some people don’t get children immediately after marriage and even after very long time. Some people have problem in conceiving itself. Their astrological planets position have a significant role to play in the pregnancy. If the lady is not getting pregnant, astrological remedies for getting pregnant will be supportive. One of the reasons for not getting pregnancy is lack of energy from Jupiter and Venus.

Some ladies will get pregnant but will have continuous miscarriages. Some pregnancy may get disqualified due to some genetic reasons. So couple will finally turned to be childless couples. And they are very dejected and feel so empty. They do lot of remedy and take every treatment possible and they do every puja possible but in vain no improvement.

Children in astrology are seen from the 5th house of the horoscope of the couple. Children are the fruit of previous births and children are result of past good and bad records of the couple. There may be Dosha in any one of the Childless couple’s or both the couple’s horoscope which led them to this state. Due to some planetary positions the childlessness maybe a temporary state. Guruji Ram Prasad the best world famous astrologer in Canada would be able to assess the current planetary positions to provide the remedy for your childlessness and you will certain to enjoy the parenthood. Childless couples can be advised on different types of remedy based on the cause of the problem by Guruji Ram Prasad.

Sometimes the lady will have problem or sometimes the man will have problem. For all types of situations some specific reasons would be there in astrology. Guruji Ram Prasad is an expert in solving problems of Childless couples through astrological remedy guide the couple toward the journey of parenthood. Whichever childless couple approached Guruji Ram Prasad the best astrologer in Canada, all of them are blessed with kids and have enhanced the family.

Childless couple’s horoscope exposes the likelihood of children. Man’s horoscope 80% and woman’s horoscope 20% shows the information on probability of having children. Guruji Ram Prasad exposes the problem crystal clear to the couple and prescribes the remedy. It could be some special pujas, or offerings or Mantra and spells and timings for pregnancy planning and so on. His remedies will maximize the natural conceiving of the healthy child. He will also give the details about delivery scenario and guide you with right name for the child and also he will help with Horoscope preparation for the child.


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